Horizon 2020: Project SUNFISH

Horizon 2020 includes a large group of innovative projects with one common objective: to develop infrastructures, methods and tools for high performance, adaptive cloud applications and services that go beyond the current capabilities, strengthening the competitive position of the European industry.
Within the scope of federated cloud services, H2020 SUNFISH project offers a service to federate private and public clouds, enabling them to exchange data and services in a secure and controlled manner, based on a “democratic” governance model: no federation member rules on others. More in details, SUNFISH conceives, designes and implementes Federation-as-a-Service (FaaS), a secure-by-design cloud interoperability solution based on blockchain technology.
This service is realised via a software platform, named “SUNFISH Platform”, whose forming components represent essential parts of the overall functioning. The SUNFISH Platform is a modular software solution that enables the dynamic and secure creation of cloud federations and their management.
Its main functionalities are:
  • Dynamic cloud management. A dynamic federation of clouds and their related services, with optimal service level and workload;
  • Democratic governance. An innovative cloud federation governance supporting trustless coalitions, as none of the federated organisations rules on the others, thanks to the service ledger empowering the governance;
  • Data security. Advanced, innovative privacy-preserving services enforcing access control and monitoring to protect provisioning of federated services and sharing of data.

The SUNFISH project has developed three concrete deployment examples, through three different use cases. These use cases are based on data and infrastructures made available by 3 public sector Consortium partners, which belong respectively to Italy, Malta and the UK.

For more information, please give a look to CloudWatch's Service Offer Catalogue.
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