In IOStack the Virtual Block Store, called Konnector, is instantiated on the consumer node and provides to the consumer node applications a virtual storage device. Multiple Konnector VSD devices are managed by an SDS controller. The SDS controller itself is managed through a higher level programming interface. The management of the virtual block storage controller is through the SDS controller, the role of which is to instantiate and control the virtual devices through a virtual device API. The SDS controller keeps all the metadata of the virtual device, allowing the virtual device to be instantiated anywhere in the datacentre without regard to physical storage devices. Virtual devices are inherently mobile as the SDS controller keeps all the device configuration information in the SDS CMDB (Common Management Data Base).

Technically, Konnector storage nodes "import" storage from a fabric (iSCSI, iSER, SAS or FC) and use that storage to create MD RAID and LVM Volumes. This project is a fork of Andy Grover's targetd and adds iscsi initiator management functionality.

For more information, please visit: https://mpstor.github.io/Konnector/

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