Zoe is the compute component of IOStack: Zoe provides a simple way to provision data analytics clusters and workflows using Docker containers.

With Zoe, administrators can use the web interface for launching complex data exploration frameworks in a few clicks, or use the APIs to call Zoe from your own scripts.

Zoe is independent from applications. A generic application description language is used to build compositions of analytics services, define resource constraints and configuration options. For example, a user can run Spark or MPI jobs on Zoe, by providing appropriate descriptions and Docker images.

Moreover, Zoe exhibits high performance: It can create a fully configured Spark cluster, with 20 compute nodes and an iPython notebook in a few seconds.

Zoe is built from the start to make full use of the available capacity in your Docker Swarm cluster. Not only Zoe is smart in placing containers, but when resources are exhausted, Zoe will queue new requests using state of the art scheduling algorithms.

Zoe is streamlined for maximum efficiency. As soon as an application is ready for execution, it is translated in Docker commands and sent to Swarm. An optional private image registry can increase even more the startup performance of new applications.

Zoe can provision compute-only applications, but also data layers, like Hadoop HDFS. We keep testing the Zoe concept composing new services and frameworks and extending Zoe's capabilities. Stay tuned for more!

For more information, please visit: http://zoe-analytics.eu/



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